Work at Home Side Hustles to Make Extra Money.. $100-$1,500 per month! NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED

We can all use a little extra money on the side right? The below listed side hustles can yield you some much needed cash with very little effort from the comfort of your own home.



1. UserTesting – UserTesting is always looking for people just like me and you to test out their websites for functionality. This is a really easy gig because all you will be doing is making sure the website is running smoothly as though you are a consumer searching to find a product for example. After you test out the website you will simply give your feedback. The site pays $10 per test. You won’t get rich doing this but you could possibly make up to $100 per month.


2. Slice The Pie – Slice The Pie is GREAT for teenagers or individuals looking to past time and make a few extra dollars. This website lets you review music and give your review of it. For Example, you listen to a 30-60 second piece of music, you will simply write your review and move on to the next song. REALLY simple. This is definitely not for those looking to make big bucks, but its perfect for kids (teenagers) to make some extra “spending” money. When signing up, use your Paypal email because thats how payments are sent. They pay between .5cent – .6cent per 60 second review. The more detailed the review the more it pays. Kids can possibly make around 30 bucks a month with this one.


3. Humantic – Humantic is a website that allows you to review calls and get paid. This work is extremely simple. You will be listening to pre-recorded phone calls to determine whether they are sales related or not. Your earning potential for this gig would be around $100-$150 per week depending on how much time you dedicate to the job. Not too bad.


4. Fancy Hands – I keep mentioning Fancy Hands because this is a great way to grab some short tasks and make some extra money without any stipulations. You work when you want, how much you want. The tasks here can be complex and some are as easy as calling to order someone a pizza (literally). This was my first work at home job and it paved the way to me gaining other work at home jobs. The pay varies, some tasks pay as low as $1.50 per task, while others can make you up to $10-$20 for a more complex request. It is very easy to make at the very least $50-$100 a week starting out, even if you work just 2 hours a day. I haven’t worked for them in a while, hopefully not much has changed.


5. Inbox Dollars – Inbox Dollars is a great way to make some extra cash. They are always looking for people to read emails, take surveys, play games & more for cash. They are right now offering a $5 sign up bonus for those that decide to participate. This one will not get you rich, you can possibly earn $30-$50 bucks a month maybe with this one.


6. Clickworker – Clickworker is a micro task website. They “hire” workers to do things such as data entry, surveys, correct text & more. Earnings are reportedly around $9 per hour and up to $10 per hour. Based off research, I would estimate monthly earnings to possibly be around the $150 a month range.


7. Field Agent – Field Agent is an app that allows you to make extra cash for doing simple things while you are already out shopping. Simple things like: taking pictures of displays, taking pictures of end-caps at places like Walmart. While this isn’t technically “inside” your home, you can do it whenever you choose. There was one young lady who reached out after I shared this one letting me know she made $50 bucks in about 30 minutes. The pay varies, it can be anywhere from $2.75 per picture up to $8.00. You will simply take the picture and upload it to the app. Earning potential is possibly $50-$100 per month depending on your location and the availability of requests in your area.


8. Tigerfish – Tigerfish is a Transcription website that doesn’t require you to have any prior experience. I don’t have much experience with Tigefish but they are a legit way to make some extra money. The pay isn’t that high reportedly around .5cent – .7cent per line transcribed. This will probably yield you maybe $50-$100 a month depending on how much you work.


9. – Rev is a company that hires beginner transcribers with no experience required.  This gig is very flexible allowing you to only work the hours you desire. Therefore, your earning potential is dependent on how much or how little you work. The faster you type, the more you will make. Based on research, earnings are from $8-$15 per hour for those with typing experience and less for those who type slower. Earnings potential is $245-$1495 per month, depending on how slow or fast you type.


I hope these suggestions helps those of you out there looking to bring in a few extra dollars per month into your household. Every little bit helps even if its just for gas or lunch money. Share this with someone who may be looking to do the same. Good LUCK!