Make up to $150 PER WEEK on Your SMARTPHONE!

This is a GREAT side hustle position for those of you with a SmartPhone & basic computer. SYKES is currently looking for Search Quality Evaluators.


If you desire a way to make money from home WITHOUT having to talk on the phone or worry about background noise, THIS IS IT.



From the company: “We all know how frustrating it is to search a topic online and not get the results that match our needs. In this position you will use your attention to detail and tech-savvy skills to evaluate search engine results for relevancy and quality.┬áThe Evaluator will be responsible for performing simple web searches on specific topics and rating the results they find. Agents must use their own PC (no macs) and an activated smart phone with Wi-Fi capability is required. Agents can work up to 3 hours per day, with a max of 10-15 hours per week.┬áThis position requires strong computer skills and the ability to navigate through multiple systems to research information. Applicants without strong computer skills will not be considered. You must have the ability to review offensive/mature content without being offended.”


You MUST be at minimum 18 years of age.


NOT hiring in the following states: Iowa, Illinois, New Hampshire, Washington, Vermont, Oregon, New York, Massachusetts, District of Columbia, Arizona, and Colorado


Apply HERE! Good Luck!