Non Phone Work at Home Jobs you can do with NO Experience!

Working from home is PHENOMENAL, even more phenomenal when you can do it without talking on the phone.



There are several companies that offer non phone work that you can do to bring in additional income, many you can do without having any prior experience.


1. Appen – Appen hires social media evaluators, transcriptionists, search engine evaluators and more. Social Media evaluators simply rate the relevancy of ads on their newsfeed. Transcriptionists convert spoken word into written text and search engine evaluators rate search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo) results. *HIRING 



2. Lionbridge –  Lionbrige (similar to Appen) also hires “Ad Assessors”. As an Add         Assessor, you will review content of search engine results. Tasks are available 24/7 with a minimum of 10 hours to a maximum of 20 available weekly. *HIRING



3. iSoftStone – iSoftStone often hires Transcribers, Search Engine Analysts, and Online Ad Evaluators to work from Home. Transcribers for this company will transcribe speech to text and tag the meaning of the text appropriately. Search Engine Analysts will rate search results of landing pages or advertisements based on a set of guidelines. Online Ad Evaluators is almost the same as search engine evaluation, the difference is, you may be rating ads on social media as well. I worked for iSoftStone years ago and averaged about $900 a month. They paid once per month back then via PayPal. *HIRING





4. NexRep – NexRep hires chat agents for a popular food delivery service. They were actively hiring a few weeks ago. Its worth giving it a shot. They actively conduct interviews. Try to mention you want in on the chat position and see what happens. *HIRING


5. Rev – Rev hires contractors to caption videos and do transcription work. The transcribers listen to audio and transcribe what is said and the captioners watch videos and actively type what is said. *HIRING


6. Amazon MTurk – MTurk is a short task site you can use to bring in some side cash. There are several different tasks you can do on this website such as: data entry, writing, research, transcribing and more. *HIRING


7. Time Etc. – Time Etc is always looking to hire Virtual Assistants. As a Virtual Assistant you will be required to do a number of things that include: updating customer information, updating clients google calendar, writing blog posts, organizing receipts amongst a list of other things. *HIRING


8. KarmaHub – KaraHub is actively seeking Internet Analysts. As previously stated with iSoftStone, you will be browsing the internet and express your opinion on the quality and content you find. *HIRING


9. The Chat Shop – The Chat Shop hires Live Chat Agent to assist customers with different customer service related tasks via chat. The Chat Shop states “every chat is different.” You must be able to the 65+ WPM to work with them. They will test your speed during the interview process. *HIRING


10. InboxDollars – InboxDollars is a website that pays you to take survey polls, play games and watch videos. They give you a $5 bonus when you sign up. You WILL NOT make much doing this, but it can get you lunch every now and then. *ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS


I truly hope this helps someone, anytime you can work from home and NOT have to hop on a phone is a WIN. Good Luck to those that apply!! ITS YOURS, CLAIM IT!