There is NOTHING greater than being able to work from home and not have to directly deal with irate customers or a supervisor standing over your shoulder. This is the perfect SIDE HUSTLE for anyone who wants a laid back gig to do while watching TV on the sofa or laying in bed.


Humanatic pays people like you and me to listen pre-recorded phone calls so we can place them in the proper category. For example: was a customer calling with a complaint? technical issue? billing question? The company has calls available to review that will all be different in nature.


From the company: “Humanatic is software that was created to provide companies with an in-depth analysis of their phone calls. Rather than using computers to transcribe and decipher recorded phone calls, we provide working opportunities for tens of thousands of people all over the world just like you. Our reviewers work from home listening to recorded calls, and they provide us with the answers we need to create a meaningful analysis of our clients calls. By combining human intellect with computer generated algorithms, we are able to provide clients with specific reports and statistics to help them make the changes necessary to improve their business.”



From the company:

How much money can I make?

“This may vary depending on your skill level. We have different categories that pay different amounts for answers. We start off all reviewers with the easiest two categories. Once you achieve a certain accuracy level, you will unlock new higher paying categories. You can make anywhere from $1 to $4.50 an hour depending on your skill and accuracy. Be patient and consistent and you will achieve great things!”
All in all, you WILL NOT get rich doing this by any means, BUT, if you’re someone out there looking to pass the time and possibly make $5-$10 extra a day in your spare time, its worth a shot. 100% LEGIT opportunity. If it doesn’t turn out to be something you think is worth your while, there are no issues with you stopping. What do you have to lose? TRY IT!!
Sign up HERE! **NOTE: You will need to have a verified PayPal account to be accepted, its 100% FREE to get one.