How I Made $500-$600 a Week Scheduling Doctors Appointments!






As many of you know, I have mentioned several times how I personally quit my brick and mortar job solely doing Fancy Hands as my bead and butter. I will NOT recommend anyone else quit their job but I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and stepped out on faith.



My days would go like this while working for Fancy Hands: I would wake up at around 4am-5am and log in to the dashboard. I would sit in front of my computer non stop from 4am until around 9am, during that time I would make roughly $40-$80. The tasks I would complete on Fancy Hands would be rather simple requests, these could include scheduling doctors appointments, ordering breakfast and even calling to wake up clients children for school. You can see more tasks that I did in this VIDEO I made detailing everything. I would eat breakfast and hop in the shower then back to the computer completing more tasks, this would go on until around 9pm-10pm nightly. I was averaging $500-$600 weekly back then. Keep in mind, thats not to say you will make that kind of money now, however, on slow weeks I still averaged about $150-$200. This is GREAT for people who have small children they have to care for and don’t want to worry about background noise. Fancy Hands has different types of tasks listed on their job board, back then, the tasks would pay anywhere from $1.50-$6.60 per task, it really just depends. All in all, if you are interested in TRYING to get accepted, I highly recommend it. Give it a try!! What do you have to lose?!


Apply HERE! Good Luck!!