Work at Home Typing Job you can start TODAY! *NO Experience Required*

This is the perfect side gig for those of you who enjoy non phone typing/data entry work; & can be done from anywhere at anytime. You only need to have access to a computer, internet connection, and headphones.


Speechpad hires freelancers to work from home doing transcription (typing), captioning, reviewing & translating. From the company: “You get to choose when, how much, and how often you want to work, whether it’s a couple of hours each week, or 10 hours per day, 7 days a week.  You also get to choose the jobs you want to do. Want to work a full day on a couple of long jobs? No problem. Have a half hour to kill, and want to be productive? Find a small job and get to work. You also get to choose where you want to work: home office, library, kitchen table, hotel room.”

Starting out with this company, it is recommended that all beginners start with the lower paying gigs until you get the hang of things then you can move on the the higher paying assignments. This will help improve your rating and in turn give you the ability to grab the higher paying assignments.


Workers are paid every Tuesday/Friday & current and former freelancers who work/worked with the company say they have always paid on time and paid exactly what they were due.


Research gives this them 3.5 out of 5 stars which is pretty decent for a side hustle. I say give it a shot!!!


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