20 Work at Home Jobs that Pay $15 per Hour or MORE!

I know there are many of you out there looking for Legitimate Work at Home Jobs that pay more than the basic minimum wage. I have searched and found several companies that pay $15 or more per hour. See below.


Rosetta Stone – Rosetta is a software company that hires language coaches to help clients learn new languages. They pay upwards of $17 hourly.


Apple – Apple hires employees often to do a number of customer service and technical customer service related jobs. You will be talking on the phone with customers assisting them with purchasing new equipment or helping them with technical issues dealing with their cell phone devices of computers. They also have chat positions that come open on occasion. Unfortunately, the chat positions are grabbed pretty quickly. Bookmark their job page and check it daily to see when new openings come available. Their pay is undisclosed, however, after doing research, it is reported that some of Apple’s employees make upwards of $20 per hour. As a new employee, you may be around the $16 mark.


American Express – American Express hires workers to be travel consultants (agents), customer service reps and more. They pay around $15 hourly.


Fancy Hands – Fancy Hands hires virtual assistants to assist their clients with a wide variety of tasks. Some of these tasks include: scheduling doctors appointments, canceling cable service, even ordering lunch for busy people. They pay per task, however, depending on how many tasks you grab per hour you can easily make $15-$20 per hour. I worked for them for over a year and I made some decent money. This is a good one.


Pleio – Pleio hires workers to call and discuss a routine/time frame for patients to take their medication. There are many elderly patients who forget to take their medicine as prescribed. Pleio has this program set up to assist with reminders. Pay is reportedly up to $21 hourly.


Worldwide 101 – Worldwide 101 helps match business owners with virtual assistants. You will be assisting them with a variety of administrative tasks. These tasks can include data entry, calendar management and more. Pay is between $15-$20 depending on how much experience you have.


SpectraMedi MSO – SpectraMedi is a medical service organization that hires workers from home to do a wide variety of tasks. These tasks include: Medical Billing, Quality Assurance, Medical Transcription & more. They pay $16 or more for some positions.


Holland America – Holland hires travel agents who’s primary focus will be booking cruises. Pay is up to $15 hourly including medical benefits.


Neiman Marcus – Neiman Marcus hires customer service agents to work from home in the Dallas area. They pay up to $16 hourly.


LeapForce – LeapForce hires individuals to do search engine evaluation in several different countries. Once you complete a series of tests. You can earn up to $16 per hour. They are currently hiring.


Humana – Humana hires customer service agents for companies such as Blue Cross, United Healthcare, Aetna & more. Pay can range anywhere from $12-$18 per hour.


Carenet – Carenet is great if you are a registered nurse and want to also make money from the comfort of your home. This is telephone work assisting with Medical Decision Support, Medical Device Monitoring Services, Member Engagement Initiatives and Healthcare Support programs. Pay is $25 hourly.


Chegg – Chegg hires online tutors. You are able to work only when you desire and the pay is $20 per hour.


WriterBay – WriterBay hires freelancers to work from home writing resumes. This is a good way to make an extra income if you are good at writing. WriterBay pays well over $15 depending on the extent of the resume.


Stitch Fix – Work at Home Stylist. Stitch fit hires people with a strong fashion sense to assist customers with fashion tips. Pay is around $15-$16 per hour.


GitHub – Github is a software company that hires people to do customer service as well as other technical related tasks. They pay a salary reported of $55-$60,000 per year.


ShowMojo – ShowMojo is a company that automates the leasing process for property managers and real estate agents. They sometimes hire employees to assist with things such as scheduling of prospective tenants to view current available rental properties. They hire in the U.S. and Canada. Pay is $18-$20 per hour depending on the job.


VIPKid – VIPKid hires tutors to teach children in China how to speak English. While they are not currently hiring, pay is $14-$22 per hour.


Working Solutions – Working Solutions often hires employees to assist with cold calling. These positions pay very well depending on your experience. You can make up to $25-$30 per hour.


Blue Zebra Appointment Setting – Blue Zebra hires cold callers to call businesses and offer a particular service or product. Your job will be to get an appointment booked for one of the company’s representatives to pitch the product to the potential customer in hopes of them purchasing. They pay $15-$25 per hour depending on experience & are currently hiring.