How to Start a Money Making Blog Step by Step

If you are new to the blogging world, then you need an introduction to WordPress. It is an open source computer software for everybody: beginners and professionals alike; it is a free Content Management System (CMS) used for creating blogs and websites. However, WordPress is leading in Content Management System and web publishing in the world because it is open sourced and anyone can share their ideas for everyone to use.

Starting a WordPress Blog
Starting a blog can be demanding, however, I am going to show a step by step process of doing it and monetizing it. Certainly, to survive in this line of business, you need a burning desire, a definite niche, and hard work, to keep you going through the rough times. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to begin

Step 1 – Blogging Platform
WordPress is the best blogging platform, therefore; you should use (self-hosted WordPress) for your blog. WordPress is free and you have to set it up and host it yourself with a domain name and a web hosting. Consequently, your domain name is your website’s address on the internet, like and, web hosting is your website’s house.
Purchasing a domain name and hosting
Bluehost is a web hosting provider recommended by WordPress and, offers a free domain name to WordPress users. Choosing a domain name and web hosting provider is simple;
• Come up with a domain name for your blog
• Check if it is available
• Pay for it and host your blog site
Other top-ranking domain name registrars are:
• GoDaddy – $9.99 per year for .com domain name
• 1 & 1 internet – $0.99 per year for .com domain name then $14.99 thereafter
• Namecheap – $10.69 per year for .com domain name

Step 2 – Install WordPress
At this level, after choosing your web hosting provider and choosing your hosting plan, check if your desired domain name is available (Bluehost gives you a free domain name when you pick them), then install WordPress and start blogging. Admittedly, you have to login into your web hosting website with your admin details to install WordPress from your control panel.

Step 3 – Select your WordPress theme
At this stage, you are almost done besides, you need to make your blog attractive to gain traffic and make money. WordPress themes control your blog’s appearance and, it is one of the most interesting parts of creating your blog.
In general, there are several pre-installed themes on WordPress however, before installing a theme you can view a preview of it by clicking on the preview button. Accordingly, when you find the right theme for you (a simple design), install it and activate them; after installing a theme you can customize it later.

Step 4 – Creating a blog post
By now you must have seen the fruit of your effort, to write your first blog on WordPress;
• Click on posts on the menu then
• Click on Add new in your WordPress dashboard
• Type your post and click the Publish button to share your post to the world

Step 5 – Plugins and customization
Without a doubt after your first blog post, you will want to start adding other elements and security to your blog. WordPress plugins are bits of software’s that you can use to add, enhance and extend the feature and functions of WordPress website. There are free plugins in WordPress directory and, there is a plugin for anything you want to do. Here are the best WordPress plugins to install first;
• Security – Sucuri security
• Backup – updraftplus
• Performance – Wp superCache
WordPress contact form
Your blog needs a contact form so your user’s can contact you directly; install WordPress form builder plugin to add a contact form to your site.
Google analytic tracking
Undoubtedly, Google analytics help you check and see the number of people who visit your blog and their activities. Install Google analytic before publishing your first post.
Optimizer for SEO
To make money you need traffic, SEO or search engine optimization ensures web users find your blog in search engines. Optimize your blog from the beginning of your blog to Gain traffic using an SEO plugin.

Step 6 – Monetizing your WordPress blog
We are almost there, having built, customized and, optimized your blog to your taste; you probably want to start cashing-out immediately. Moreover, like I pointed out earlier blogging is not a get rich quick scheme and, takes lots of hard work and patience. Certainly, to make money from your blog you need better ways of doing that; here are some of them:
• Google Adsense – This is the best way to make money from your blog by displaying ads on your blog.
• Affiliate marketing – The second best way to monetize a blog and, commonly used by bloggers by recommending products and services to readers. When readers buy any of the product or service, you get a referral commission.
• Sponsored blog post – Get companies to pay you to advertise their products directly, promote it by talking about it to your reader.
Lastly, there are many others ways to improve and monetize your blog, but these three should get you started. Always remember, that blogging is not a quick rich scheme and needs your time, hard work and dedication. I would recommend you blog about what you are passionate and most knowledgeable about.