How to find Legitimate Work at Home Jobs & Avoid Scams

First, let me say good luck on your job search! I am not your typical blogger, I never would have imagined I would be blogging about something I have become so passionate about. I started working from home in 2011 and let me be the first to tell you, I fell for A LOT of scams. I began looking for legitimate work at home jobs back in 2003 when I graduated high school. I applied for the #1 SCAM of all time, which is stuffing envelopes from home. Many, and I mean many, people have fallen for this one. The company usually tells you that you can make hundreds even thousands by simply stuffing envelopes sitting on your couch. Let me be the first to tell you that is simply not true. Usually, they will ask for a “fee” for processing and material. MOST, legitimate work at home jobs will not require fees. There are exceptions however, such as paying for background checks and drug screenings.


Red Flags

  • Asking for Credit Card Information
  • Unprofessional-ism (slang, misspellings etc.)
  • Spam (“companies” who constantly send emails)
  • Requesting fees upfront (*some companies do require fees but research first)
  • Reshipping (this will often times get you a visit from the cops)


The list goes on and on…


Let’s get to the good stuff.. Finding REAL legitimate work at home jobs. There are several ways to find real online jobs. Let me start off by saying.. Please.. Please do your research. Regardless of who or where you get a lead from do a quick Google search and and look for reviews from others who have worked for, or have knowledge of the company.

Here are a few tips for you:

  • Work at Home Job Boards/Forums

Joining work at home job boards can help you land legitimate work at home jobs. Be sure to find one or several that you trust and check back daily for job leads. I recommend my site wahjobqueen for starters.

  • Network

Talk to members on the forums. Get acquainted, be friendly! There are lots of people out there who have connections with companies that can get you valuable information and possibly get you hired!

  • Keywords

When searching job sites looking for work at home jobs, it is imperative to use the proper keywords. Many people miss out on great leads due to this lack of knowledge. Here are a few to use when searching the sites: Remote, Work at Home, WAH, Telecommuting


I want to say that everyone who decides to work from home will have a different experience. Some will find great opportunities fast, and for others it may take a while. Whatever you do don’t give up. Keep researching, keep applying and it will happen when you least expect it. I again want to stress researching and doing your due diligence regardless of where you receive a lead from. Knowledge is power. Happy applying!